FarmPharma signs agreement with Testa Center

FarmPharma AB, which is subsidiary to Double Bond Pharmaceutical AB, has today signed a cooperation agreement with GE Healthcare to implement a project at Testa Center in Uppsala. As previously announced, FarmPharma has been granted financial means for this project within the framework of the “BioProcess Innovation Center” from Vinnova. The work is expected to start during the summer this year and last for three weeks. The purpose of the project is to test the manufacturing procedure of InterferOX components on a larger scale to facilitate the successful transition to industrial GMP manufacturing of the product.

“We have been looking forward to this for some time and are very happy that our cooperation is now real”, – comments Iulia Karlsson, CEO of FarmPharma. – Ge Healthcare is very experienced in our industry and has a lot of expertise relevant to our project, which will both ensure the quality and speed up our product development. ”

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