One Planet. One Health.

We are a subsidiary of Double Bond Pharmaceutical ( Our company is active in the development and distribution of veterinary products, and our first product is for the prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral infections in cattle without the use of antibiotics.

Why us?

The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the world has reached devastating levels taking more than 700 000 human lives annually worldwide, and will kill over 10 million by 2050, which is more than cancer and equals to one person in every three seconds. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the routine use of antibiotics on farms promotes drug-resistant superbugs. This is because there are always some bacteria that the drug can’t kill, and they survive and proliferate.

A simple way to overcome health problems caused by antibiotic resistance is to stop adding antibiotics to animal feed (science). It was found that when poultry and beef are produced without antibiotics, bacterial resistance quickly declines. Feeding antibiotics to livestock creates an ever-increasing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including many that cause disease in humans.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that 80% of all antibiotics sold in the US are fed to food animals. In China this number is higher. Globally, consumption of antimicrobials by livestock is set to continue increasing and is estimated by Princeton Environmental Institute to rise by two-thirds between now and 2030.

Meat animals are fed antibiotics because doing so increases their weight gain, prevents desease and makes meat production cheaper. The UK government’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance and a report on antimicrobial resistance from the European Center for Desease Prevention and Control (ECDC) from November 15, 2017 contend that the rising number of infections resistant to antibiotics has set the world on the brink of catastrophe. Recently, in a literature review, only 5% of the 139 academic papers identified, argued there was no link between the antibiotic consumption in animals and the resistance in humans, while 72% found the evidence of the link. Since the livestock industry has put the society in a fundamental health danger of this magnitude, it can and should also help to stop it. This is why our company and our product exist today.       

“We make the need for antibiotics in livestock animals history. We save lives, save the planet, and create a sustainable future.”

Dr. Iulia Karlsson

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