FarmPharma receives EU funding SME instrument Phase I

As previously announced, FarmPharma AB that is subsidiary to Double Bond Pharmaceutical Int. AB, has submitted an application to the European Commission for an SME instrument grant within the framework of the Horizon2020 program, where groundbreaking innovation projects with market-generating potential can be supported. The company funds alone to implement a more in-depth and up to date business plan for continued successful development of InterferOX. The project under the name InFarm has now been funded with the amount of SEK 500,000, which corresponds to the entire sought amount and is the ceiling for this type of grant. Moreover, an international business coach sponsored by EASME and Tillväxtverkek is being allocated to the project.

“It”s a big moment for us to receive our first support from the European Commission for the project and also get the most relevant business coach handpicked for us,” – comments Iulia Karlsson, CEO of FarmPharma. – It is an important quality stamp for our business and we are committed do everything in our hands and beyond to continue delivering at a high level and at a high speed”.

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